“Annet knows how to get people moving”

“She creates team spirit”

“Annet makes sure that people believe that new insights are possible into old problems”

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I have a master degree (with distinction) in General Social Sciences, a discipline that approaches issues from various angles. From psychological, and communications perspectives, for instance. It is also the way that I look at transition processes and meetings. Before I was trained as a teacher of arts, and I still love art and design. I connect strategic thinking and creativity for my clients, converting them into a customised project.

Above all ..

I do my work with a great deal of pleasure and that is reflected in my effort, in the atmosphere and in your results.


I’ve always been very interested in other cultures and atmospheres. I have journeyed far and wide and experienced how different life can be elsewhere. And I have also discovered which universal values determine the dynamic everywhere. This largely determines my working method. I prefer to work in a range of sectors, which makes sure that I always have a fresh new look at things and can present alternative perspectives to my clients.

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