Process supervision

As a manager, director, team manager or project manager, you are responsible for a transition and/or a meeting. You want:


A facilitator assumes that the participants themselves have the most expertise about the issue. Encouraging them to take part actively lets them develop solutions for themselves. And this applies equally well to very tough issues. It has been shown that this generates more support for the solutions and more deeply involved ownership of the issues.


Together with the client, I explore the situation and the challenge that they and their stakeholders are facing. I ask not only the interesting questions but also awkward ones. The participants can be involved in the preparation, for instance through a survey, in an interview or as a working group.

We analyse which perspectives are involved and what the output of the meeting should be at this stage of the transition. I select working methods that deepen and support the process. This creates a design for the process and the sessions. I put the finishing touches to it in a scenario.


I am responsible for the process during the meeting. I am the facilitator, the discussion leader, the chair for the day. I provide a healthy atmosphere to ensure active participation by the group, changes of tempo and an output of energy, as well as ensuring that results are obtained within the timeframes set.


This will be followed by the completion and evaluation. This could be a photo report with impressions, a detailed report of the plans, or a drawn visual report. Other options are a video report or a glossy.


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